Increase the mobility of your business with a compact Android-based payment solution.

Mercury Processing Services International's mPOS is a payment card acquiring solution which merchants can run using their smart devices.


Mercury Processing Services International’s mPOS payment solution is a payment card acquiring solution based around the Ingenico mPOS hardware, with all software applications produced by our company.


Payment application

The Ingenico mPOS device hosts the payment application which connects with the merchant application on a smart device.


Merchant application

The merchant application runs on the merchant’s Android device, smartphone or tablet, and controls the payment application.


Electronic receipt repository

Mercury Processing Services International runs an electronic receipt repository with dedicated server/database environment.

Download and run

Download and run

Unlike traditional EFT POS, our mPOS focuses on a smart device application. When downloaded from the application store, it runs the merchant’s smartphone or tablet.

Download and run

Easy to use

Purpose of this application is to provide the merchant with a simple interface for the payment card acceptance process, which gets executed through Ingenico iCMP.

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Our mPOS solution is a compact-sized Android-based payment card acceptance solution built around the Ingenico mPOS device.


This solution is 100% mobile so merchants can run it on the go, increase their mobility, transport it easily and use in various environments.


Solution offers an Android-based integration process with merchant sales application instead of a traditional ECR protocol integration.

Simple Internet connectivity

The Android merchant application initializes and controls the entire payment process, and it enables basic Internet connectivity for the Ingenico mPOS device.


Solution requires no paper for receipt printouts. Instead, the merchant’s receipt is stored electronically while the customer’s receipt is sent by e-mail or SMS.

Language customization

The mPOS solution offers merchants customizable language options, so they can more easily interact with the app.


Accepts MasterCard, VISA and American Express

Accepts MasterCard, VISA and American Express

Fully functional payment card acceptance application with contact, contactless and magstripe modes of acceptance of MasterCard, VISA and American Express with China Union Pay/Union Pay Intl and Diners contact/contactless acceptance in the pipeline.

Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth pairing

The Android merchant application is downloadable from Google Store, localized for particular acquirer. This application connects with the payment application via Bluetooth and automatically configures all contracted transaction types supported for a particular merchant by its designated acquirer.


Bluetooth communication

The mPOS device establishes a Bluetooth connection with an Android device (smartphone or tablet).

Smart connectivity

The Android device activates mPOS device to start with payment card acceptance process.

Card acceptance

The mPOS device prompts for card input, present or swipe and PIN entry if needed.



Actions list

You can choose between actions you want to execute. Let's try "Purchase".


Enter the cost

Type the cost of the purchase and confirm by clicking OK!


Connection to the Ingenico mPOS device

Tablet and device are connected within a few seconds.



Sign the receipt and confirm.


Sending the receipt

You can choose your receipt to be sent by SMS or email. Your purchase is done!


Actions list

Click on the menu icon for more options.


Other options

You have other options except Actions list, depending on your agreement with the bank. Try "Recent transactions".


Recent transactions

Here you can see the details of all your previous transactions.

mpos software in use


  • Taxi companies

  • Parcel deliveries

  • Household services

  • Insurance sales

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